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Changes are required to migrate from github wiki's .md format to docuwiki's format. The following types of conversions had to be applied:

1. Highlighting

   A) _ italic _ --> // italic //
      Regex replace: \_(.+)\_
      with: //$1//

    B) <b> bold </b> --> **bold**

2. Section headers

    A) # header --> ====== header ======
       E.g., Regex replace:^## (.+)$
       with:===== $1 =====
    B) The section header hierarchy indicator assumptions are reversed:
       Docuwiki has six markers for H1; github wiki has one

    C) The Page title is inside the body; GitHub has separate text field

    D) GitHub pages skip levels of headings: we can fix this during migration

3. Tables

    A) Header row post-row indicator ==== --> Header row ^ cell prefix

    B) Vertical spanning cells are now indicated by ...

    C) Docuwiki's WYSIWYG table editor doesn't seem to allow marking of cells as headers
    D) Rows require a leading pipe separator in Docuwiki
    E) Docuwiki treats flush pipe separators as spanning cells rather than empty cells as in github wiki

4. URLs

    A) (link text | URL) --> [[ URL | link text]]
       Regex replace:\[([^\]]+)\]\(([^\)]+)\)
       with:[[$2 | $1]]

5. Bullet Lists

    A) Docuwiki requires two leading spaces on each list line;
       Github wiki md is ok with zero leading spaces
       Regexp replace:^\* (.+)$
       with:  \* $1
    B) Docuwiki requires two spaces to separate hierarchical lists' levels;
       Github requires four

    C) DocuWiki does not support hyphens as prefixes for each list line;
       use space space star instead
       Regexp replace: ^\-(.+)$
       with:  \*$1

6. Section Separators

   A) *** --> ----
      Regex replace:\*\*\*

7. Footnotes
   A) xyz*
      * this is a footnote describing xyz that is manually kept at the bottom of a github wiki page
      becomes an inline footnote in docuwiki:
      xyz (( this is a footnote describing xyz ))

Syntax page for docuwiki is:

Syntax page for github wiki .md (markdown) is:

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