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 +From on May 6, 2016:
 +jeremysevareid [12:20 PM] 
 +Related to "​Fiduciary Code" are "​Fiduciary Events"​. Runtime events like a smart contract that evals to false needs to be recorded in the blockchain for non-repudiation purposes. Likewise, voting a validator node in or out has business / regulatory implications,​ so should also be recorded on the block.
 +chetsky [12:45 PM] 
 +@jeremysevareid:​ waht does "a smart contract that evals to false" mean?  Just want to get clarity ....
 +jeremysevareid [1:02 PM] 
 +i.e., transaction that is validated / confirmed or not (e.g., signatures are valid or if they are not)
 +chetsky [1:07 PM] 
 +aha.  ok, so you mean a submitted tran, that wasn't validated. ​ gotit. ​ indeed, we agree.
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