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This project is in Incubation .


Cello helps mitigate the operation and management cost for blockchain users/app developers. It also provides Blockchain as a Service. Getting started Quickly. And it's written in Python!!

Key Characteristics include:

  • Deploy, manage and operate blockchains efficiently and automatically.
  • Support blockchain platforms like Fabric.
  • Support various infrastructures like baremetal, vm platform, and container cloud (e.g., Swarm, Kubernetes).
  • Support advanced operational analytics for the system status and ledger behaviors, see Cello-analytics.


Tutorial Videos

Project Management

Feel free to report a bug, make a fix or know what happens now at the Jira Board.

The main repository is at Gerrit , while we have mirrored read-only repository at Github . You can also find the Development History.


Rocket Chat

Feel free to ask questions at the Rocket Channel.


Wanna send an Email? Subscribe to the maillist, and send email to . You can also find the Discussion History .


12:30–13:00 UTC every Friday: Zoom. Calendar Meeting Records Meeting Minutes


New developers are welcome, feel free to contact us to join. How to contribute . Contribution Statistics

Name LF ID Email Orgnization
Baohua Yang baohua Oracle
Haitao Yue hightall IBM
Tong Li tongliofcary IBM
Jiang Lu sallymilu IBM
Makoto Takemiya Soramitsu
Ryan Beck-Buysse Intel
Kai Chen grapebaba IBM
Feihu Jiang flyingtiger Huawei
Zhipeng Huang zhipengh Huawei
Jia He Fan wonderfan IBM
Mike Zaccardo mikezaccardo Cloudsoft
Andrew Kennedy grkvlt Cloudsoft
Chang Chen lafenicecc Ziggurat
Xucheng Li lixucheng IBM
Nikhil Chawla chawlanikhil24 TLF
Qiang Wang qiang0723 Ziggurat
Chaoran Li waaagh Independent
Amit Kumar Gupta eramitg Sai Infratel Pvt. Ltd.
Nishanth Kumar Pathi nishanthkp Independent Consultant
Shuo Wang ShuoWang Intern in Hyperledger


Adoption cases are welcome to share, free free to update if you are using the project.

Organization Since When Project & Usage Contact Info Project
IBM Research May, 2016 Cloud, fabric cluster management SV BaaS
Cloudsoft March, 2017 Cloud, fabric cluster management Project
Midea March, 2017 fabric cluster management Website


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