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Q1 2019 Burrow Roadmap

Author: Silas Davis, 26 November 2018


Work item Effort (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13) Priority
Dump/restore of EVM account state, NameReg, and Blocks 13 High
ForkTx - based on dump/restore and proposal mechanism 8 High
IdentifyTx- establish voluntary node-to-validator-to-bondee linkage 2 Low
Proposal integration tests 5 Medium
Whitelist peer sync 3 Low
NameReg extension to support authenticated namespaces (including design) 13 Medium
Burrow-side ABI registry mechanism (probably based on above) 8 Low
Implement basic soak testing on specialised test network 8 Medium
Prototype 'new train' WASM execution 13 Low
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