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Q3 2018 Burrow Roadmap Postmortem

Author: Silas Davis, 23 August 2018

This page provides a retrospective on the previous quarter's activity and compares it to that which was forecast in Q3 2018


Work item Status and notes
EVM compatibility Complete except STATICCALL
Implement prototype web3 API Not started - superceded by GRPC work - would like community assistance
Co-located transaction signing (send address) Done - also Burrow acts a delegated key signer over its grpc rpckeys.Keys interface
Add (self-hosted) monax-keys functionality to Burrow Done
Queryable complete state history (per block, possibly call frame) Done see:
State save/restore 8 High
Forkable state channels 13 Low
Provide event firehose 3 Medium
Historic queryable 8 Medium
Reintroduce validator bonding 5 High
Add governance Tx for redistributing voting power and value 13 High
Provide trial HSM integaration 5 Low
Reintroduce secp256k1 keys & ECRECOVER 5 Medium
Parallel EVM execution 13 Low
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