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Hyperledger Internship Program Overview

The Hyperledger internship program is aimed at student developers who desire to gain real-world development experience in blockchain technologies by working with the industry’s leading technologists while at the same time helping contribute to the Hyperledger project. Students will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of existing and emerging trends in blockchain, to work closely with mentors who are active developers in blockchain, and to network with business decision makers and other open source professionals. The internship program also enables Hyperledger to engage academic and research institutions to assist in the teaching and training of the blockchain engineers and developers of tomorrow.

Hyperledger Summer 2017 Internship Program

Hyperledger is currently accepting up to 6 student interns for the summer of 2017 to work in the Hyperledger development community. Each intern will be matched and work closely with a mentor for the duration of his/her internship. For a list of suggested intern projects, please see our Internship Project Ideas page. If you have a great idea for a development activity for Hyperledger, you can submit the idea as part of your application, and, if chosen, we will find a suitable mentor for you.

Interns will be eligible to receive a stipend of $5,500. The stipend will be paid in several installments provided that regular interval evaluations show the intern is making satisfactory progress. The final installment will be paid upon project completion.

Each intern will work remotely from his/her location of choice. There is no physical work facility provided or required.

Each intern who has successfully completed the program will be encouraged to attend one industry event or hackfest (that is relevant to Hyperledger). Hyperledger will provide a stipend for travel and coaching resources to help build the intern’s presentation skills. This is a great opportunity for interns to showcase their work to the broader community and to network with professionals in the field.

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