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Whitepaper WG Status 2016 Aug 31

  • Present: Dave, Murali, Nick, Hart, Ram. Regrets: Renat, Stefan, Tamas, Mic
  • Discussed Draft 2.0 feedback from Richard G Brown
  • Agreed to schedule Draft 2.0 walkthrough prior to the Sibos event (Sept 26-29) in order to have a non-Draft version available for distribution at the HLP booth
    • Agreed to add some verbiage to the whitepaper explaining this is a living document and is expected to undergo future revisions as the Hyperledger technology and thinking evolves, possible in an Introduction section.
  • Agreed to have a Latex version of the non-Draft (v1.0) Whitepaper. Dave to reach out to Todd for space in the HLP Github to house this.
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