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# Whitepaper WG Status 2016 Aug 10 * Present: Mic, Murali, Stefan, Ram, Hart, Dave; Regrets: Nick, Renat, Tamas * Review of feedback submissions… no feedback * Discussion on Latex version of whitepaper

  • Ask Todd for space in HLP github for housing the latex version of the whitepaper
  • We'll start with creating an outline of the paper
  • We'll write some descriptive text on our whitepaper wiki explaining our Latex strategy

* Reviewed and resolved remaining (internal) comments on the whitepaper * Discussed additions to the Glossary… Mic and Hart to work on “Blockchain” and “Distributed Ledger” glossary definitions. * Discussed next steps, strategy for getting additional input/feedback

  • Add this topic to the HLP TSC agenda
  • Request explicit feedback from TSC members on distributing to HLP Board for review and approval
  • Request Linux Foundation help in exposing the whitepaper
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