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# Whitepaper WG Status 2016 Jul 06 * Reviewed prior minutes & actions items * Reviewed and accepted feedback suggestions from Klaus Bergman (thanks Klaus) * Discussed the merits of Google Docs vs Latex vs hybrid approach for managing the whitepaper. Agreed to make a decision when the whitepaper gets the last of current planned edits (glossary, links to other working groups) completed. * Nick agreed to make best efforts to get the glossary section cleaned up for next week * Discussed and agreed with Mic's suggestion of adding links to the Requirements and Architecture working groups in their respective sections of the whitepaper * Hart and Ram agreed to take a crack at suggesting a replacement for Consensus and Smart Contracts in the Architecture section (taking into consideration Tamas' comments) * The group agreed to aim for having a new version ready to be announced at the 14-July TSC meeting.

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