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Whitepaper WG Status 2016 Apr 20

  1. Reviewed and accepted Renat's proposal for soliciting and processing whitepaper feedback.
    • A link to a "Feedback" form will be included on the WP WG wiki along side our initial draft paper.
    • The Feedback form will be implemented using Google Forms which also provides an Editors view (Google Sheet) that consolidates the feedback submissions.
    • A portion of our weekly WG meeting will be devoted to reviewing the feedback for updates to the whitepaper.
  2. Discussed process and timing of 'publishing' our first draft.
    • Agreed we needed to have a full meeting to review and approve the 'finished' draft prior to generating the PDF snapshot of the google doc. This will make the timing of our initial draft out by 2 weeks at a minimum. As the whitepaper is not holding up any of the incubation projects the group doesn't see this as an issue.
  3. The remaining time of the meeting was spent reviewing edit suggestions.
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