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# Whitepaper WG Status 2016 Apr 07

1. Welcomed new members (Noam, Murali, Mic), agreed to freeze WG to current 9 members. 2. Agreed starting with OBC whitepaper a reasonable strategy. The OBC whitepaper sets a minimum bar of technical journalistic rigor and organization for explaining the need for a new fabric. 3. Logistics on whitepaper

  • Every 2 weeks we'll publish a version of the draft for comment
  • Broad community feedback solicited through process defined on wiki page (TBD) as well as slack and tech mailing list.
  • Will likely convert from google docs to LaTeX once finalizing (supports git version control).
  • Regarding likelihood of future code stacks/multiple fabrics… the (one) whitepaper should be general enough to apply to any platform, we need to remove (OBC related) implementation details and stick to high level architectural components.

4. Edits

  • Reviewed and accepted edits in early sections of
  • Agreed to rewrite “permissioned only” statement to one that would include “permissionless”. Agreed to validate with Board.
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