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TWGC Events Organization


Help instruct the events organization like meetup and hackathon.
If you want to join TWGC to host/organize a meetup, please start with our guideline.
Here is a list of available event spaces


Name Organization Email Location
Jiannan Guo IBM Beijing
Zhou Xing IBM Beijing
Hao Han Anne inc. Beijing
Zhujun He ChainNova Beijing
Chang Chen Beijing
Sheng Huang IBM Shanghai
Zhoudong Ji Wanda Shanghai
Jingxiao Gu IBM Shanghai
Kai Chen Wuhan
Hong Shen IBM Wuhan
Zhangjiong Xuan Hyperchain Hangzhou
Zhong TIAN IBM Beijing
Zhenhua Zhao IBM Shenzhen
Dijun Liu CETC-CS Chengdu

There are some free hosting places for community usage, provided from our volunteer companies. If you need help, pls email the following contacts and see how to apply the places. If you wanna offer own places to help community events, pls feel free to add ur name in the list, too, thanks.

  1. Beijing: Jiannan Guo and Hao Han
  2. Shanghai: Sheng Huang
  3. Hangzhou: Zhangjiong Xuan
  4. Wuhan: Kai Chen and Hong Shen
  5. Shenzhen: Zhenhua Zhao
  6. Chengdu: Dijun Liu


Feel free to add a new row if you volunteer to host/organize a technical event, and welcome to join to support existing one, too.

Topic City & Date Sponsor Link
Hyperledger Meetup Nanjing, December 22, 2018 华为、南京大学 Nanjing Meetup 2018-12-22
Hyperledger Meetup Wuhan, December 8,2018 菠萝加速器
Hyperledger Meetup Shenzhen, December 15, 2018 腾讯 Shenzhen Meetup 2018-12-15
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai, November 17, 2018 物数科技 Shanghai Meetup 2018-11-17
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing, October 28, 2018 安妮股份 Beijing Meetup 2018-10-28
Hyperledger Meetup Nanjing, October 20,2018 南京大学 Nanjing Meetup 2018-10-20
Hyperledger Meetup Wuhan, September 15, 2018 菠萝加速器 Wuhan Meetup 2018-09-15
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing, September 15, 2018 智链ChainNova & AWS Beijing Meetup 2018-09-15
Hyperledger Meetup Shenzhen, September 15, 2018 清华大学深圳研究生院 Shenzhen Meetup 2018-09-15
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai, September 12, 2018 旺链科技,区块链兄弟 Shanghai Meetup 2018-09-12
Hyperledger Meetup Changsha, september 8, 2018 湖南大学工商管理学院 Changsha Meetup 2018-09-08
Hyperledger Meetup Hangzhou,September 2, 2018 浙江省区块链技术应用协会 Hangzhou Meetup 2018-09-02
Hyperledger Meetup Shenzhen, August 11, 2018 网谷双创街 Shenzhen Meetup 2018-08-11
Hyperledger Meetup Guangzhou, August 05, 2018 中山大学 Guangzhou Meetup 2018-08-05
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing, August 25, 2018 民生银行 Beijing Meetup 2018-08-25
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai, July 28, 2018 复旦大学 ShangHai Meetup 2018-07-28
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing, July 21, 2018 智链ChainNova Beijing Meetup 2018-07-21
Hyperledger meetup HangZhou,July 15,2018 浙江省区块链技术应用协会 Hangzhou Meetup 2018-07-15
Hyperledger Meetup Wuhan, June 30, 2018 Pineapple Accelerator 菠萝加速器 Wuhan Meetup 2018-06-30
Hyperledger Meetup Shenzhen, June 23, 2018 深圳市互联网金融协会 Shenzhen Meetup 2018-06-23
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai, June 2, 2018 上海闵行漕河泾 Shanghai Meetup 2018-06-02
Hyperledger Meetup HangZhou,May 27,2018 浙江省区块链技术应用协会 Hangzhou Meetup 2018-05-27
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing, May 27, 2018 纸贵科技 Beijing Meetup 2018-05-27
Hyperledger Meetup Shenzhen, May 26, 2018 深圳市融讯科技有限公司,清华大学深圳校友会金融投资分会 Shenzhen Meetup 2018-05-26
Hyperledger Meetup Chengdu, May 19, 2018 中国网安保密通信重点实验室 Chengdu Meetup 2018-05-19
Hyperledger Meetup HangZhou,Apr 29,2018 浙江省区块链技术应用协会 Hangzhou Meetup 2018-04-29
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing, Apr 22, 2018 北京大学 Beijing Meetup 2018-04-22
Hyperledger Meetup HangZhou, Mar 25, 2018 浙江大学、浙江省区块链技术应用协会 HangZhou Meetup 2018-03-25
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai, Mar 24, 2018 旺链科技、复旦大学 ShangHai Meetup 2018-03-24
Hyperledger Meetup Wuhan, Mar 24, 2018 武汉理工大学经济学院 Wuhan Meetup 2018-03-24
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing, Mar 24, 2018 北京大学 Beijing Meetup 2018-03-24
Hyperledger Meetup DaLian, Mar 10, 2018 东软信息学院 DaLian Meetup 2018-03-10
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai, Feb 04, 2018 复旦大学计算机科学技术学院“区块链技术联合创新中心” Shanghai Meetup 2018-02-04
Hyperledger Meetup on BaaS&Operation Beijing, Jan 27, 2018 纸贵科技(Ziggurat),VMware Beijing Meetup 2018-01-27, Google Cloud:; Baidu Cloud:, password: lray
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai, Jan 25, 2018 指旺金科 Shanghai Meetup 2018-01-25
Hyperledger Meetup Wuhan, Dec 09, 2017 武汉OVU创客星 Wuhan Meetup Dec 2017
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing, Dec 10, 2017 安妮股份 版权区块链联盟 Beijing Meetup 2017
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai on Nov 18, 2017 复旦大学计算机科学技术学院“区块链技术联合创新中心” Shanghai Meetup 2017-11-18
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing On Sep 16,2017 Anni
Hyperledger Meetup Beijing On Aug 19, 2017 ChainNova, IBM, TWGC
Hyperledger Hackathon Day/Hackfest Beijing on June 19~20, 2017 Linux Foundation, TWGC Hackfest-Beijing
Hyperledger Workshop Beijing on June 18 IBM, TWGC
Hyperledger Meetup Shanghai on Mar 11, 2017 Energy Blockchain Lab
1st Asia Hackathon Shanghai on Mar 11&12, 2017 Wanda, IBM, TWGC website
Shanghai Meetup Shanghai on 2017-03-04 IBM, TWGC
Shenzhen Meetup Shenzhen on 2017-01-07 IBM, TWGC
Beijing Meetup Beijing on 2016-12-25 IBM
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