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 ==== Applications and Scenarios ==== ==== Applications and Scenarios ====
 +[[groups/​twgc/​team_cs/​members | Applications and Scenarios ]]
-=== Energy Blockchain Labs(能源区块链实验室) === 
-^ Name ^ Area ^ Size ^ R&D Phase ^ Platform ^ Contact Info ^ 
-| Energy Blockchain Labs | Energy | 30 | beta | Fabric | Room 412, No.2 Building, No.1690, CaiLun Rd.Pudong District, Shanghai | 
-[[http://​​|Energy Blockchain Labs]] is dedicated to developing distributed ledgers for energy industry and exploring energy applications and financial applications based on blockchain technology in all aspectsof energy industry. The lab is the only member of the Hyperledger Project in energy and environmental industry. ​ 
-This product is the first green energy asset development platform based on block-chain technology deployment in the worldwide. Taking carbon asset development as an example, the traditional carbon asset development process is time-consuming and costly. The whole process involves in carbon asset trading enterprises,​ consulting firms, the third part institutions(verification and certification),​ government regulators, expert committees, etc. The carbon asset development platform based on new blockchain technology will promote seamless collaboration among the various parties and help the nodes share distributed ledgers to enhance the development and management efficiency of carbon assets. With the traceability of blockchain technology, all data of every node can be  regulated and tracked to achieve friendly regulatory. 
-=== Radarwin(雷盈科技) === 
-^ Name ^ Area ^ Size ^ R&D Phase ^ Platform ^ Contact Info ^ 
-| Radarwin | Medical treatment | 40 | Developing | Fabric | RUnit 4, 7th Floor, Building E, Lane 2889, Jinke Road, Chamtime Plaza, Pudong District, Shanghai, China | 
-Radarwin was founded by a number of founder with financial, computer and medical industry’s composite background in 2015. As the first blcokchain based company in China to set up a joint laboratory for blockchain with well-known universities in the United States, the company has maintained a high proportion of R & D team since its establishment,​ focused on the underlying blcokchain technology research, emphasized the quality of products and services, and had a number of computer industry experts as technical advisers. 
-Radarwin’s hyper medical ledger is the first blockchain project cooperated with the national medical institutions and medical authorities in china. With all kinds of institutions participate in the medical information industry, the demand for medical information are different, the implementation of the technology requires high data security, the data types are complex, the total amount of data is huge, the use of many types of units and other problems need to be solved. Blockchian technology is the bridge between big data and application of assets, the core technology of value network. Blockchain technology based medical data sharing platform can solve these current technical problems and realize the efficient and orderly circulation of different types of medical data between medical institutions and other institutions. The various nodes of hyper medical ledger can store medical data securely through the distributed way, establish a perfect personal medical data protection system and achieve safe and orderly sharing of medical data between individual and institution. 
 === 美的集团财务有限公司区块链创新实验室 === === 美的集团财务有限公司区块链创新实验室 ===
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