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 +=== TWGC Monthly Reports ===
 +This WG reports on its activities once a month to the TSC as an email to the TSC mailing list, including any issues that need addressing from a governance, process, community tools, or other community-wide angle. ​ The report should include some measure of activity, and measure of how well new participants are being welcomed into the project.
 +Previous reports:
 +  - 2017 Q4: [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-10|2017-10]],​ [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-11|2017-11]],​ [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-12|2017-12]]
 +  - 2017 Q3: [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-07|2017-07]],​ [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-08|2017-08]],​ [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-09|2017-09]]
 +  - 2017 Q2: [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-04|2017-04]],​ [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-05|2017-05]],​ [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-06|2017-06]]
 +  - 2017 Q1: [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-01|2017-01]],​ [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-02|2017-02]],​ [[groups/​twgc/​report/​2017-03|2017-03]]
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