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TWG China Group Report for December 2017


  1. Team: The team were collaborating in development, adoption cases, i18n, event organization and other tasks.
  2. Meeting: 2 meeting were held with active discussions (with LF experts). All minutes can be found on the wiki.
    1. New developers are joining, see the development page.
    2. Technical Communication: active discussions happen in the rocket chat channel/maillist.
    3. Code contributions to Hyperledger fabric, cello, sawtooth and other projects.
    4. Volunteers started two major features for fabric: SM2 support and MongoDB support.
    1. N/A
    1. The team has set up a website to host the translated result.
    1. We now hold monthly meetups in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, supported by our volunteers.
    2. Have two meetups in Beijing and Wuhan. In the Beijing event, we support live video for the first time.
  3. Annual Summary for the year 2017
    1. China area has hold 10+ technical events including hackathon, workshop and meetups; with 40+ code contributors; 100+ volunteers; 40+ member companies, and 10+ Hyperledger adoption cases.


  1. We are holding regular monthly meetup in various cities, need funding support for meeting places and small gifts.
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