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TWG China Group Report for August 2017


  1. Team: The team were collaborating in development, adoption cases, i18n, event organization and other tasks. We have two new active volunteers: Linsheng Yu and Jiannan Guo.
  2. Meeting: 2 meetings were held with active discussions (with LF experts). All minutes can be found on the wiki.
    1. The team has collected 5 adoption cases of Hyperledger techniques and shared on the wiki.
    2. Need to add more cases through community channels like maillist and wechat public account.
    3. Need to collaborate with other WGs like the requirement WG.
    1. New developers are joining, see the development page.
    2. Technical Communication: active discussions happen in the rocket chat channel/maillist.
    3. SM2 work is starting with jira issue FAB-5496.
    1. 10s of design documentation are done and put on the wiki.
    2. The team has evaluated the platforms like transifex and zanata.
    3. Will propose some formal proposal on an i18 work.
    1. A technical meetup has been held in Beijing.
    2. Plan more meetups in following months.


  1. Meeting platform: The uber-conference system provides no local access number, sometimes not stable to access through web browser.
  2. i18n work: Need the TSC and infrastructure teams' help to link to official github repo.
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