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TWG China Report for May 2017


  1. Team: The team has collaborated in development, adoption cases, i18n, event organization and other works.
  2. Meeting: 1 meeting was held with active discussions (with new joiners and LF experts). All minutes can be found on the wiki.
  3. Collaboration and Scenarios
    1. The team has collected local adoption cases of Hyperledger techniques and shared on wiki. Now is working on sharing on more community channels like maillist and wechat public account.
  4. Technical Development
    1. New developers are joining, see development page.
    2. Technical Communication: active discussions happen in the rocket chat channel/maillist.
  5. i18n and education work
    1. 10+ volunteers on i18n.
    2. 11 design documentation are done and put on wiki. Now will do the review work and update following the newer version.
    3. Education/training documentation have been collected.
  6. Event organization
    1. Promote the linuxcon&hackfest in channels.
    2. We are organizing a technical workshop before the hackfest as warmup, targetting 50-60 people with hands-on seminars.


  1. Meeting platform: Need global/local access number + screen sharing
  2. i18n work: Need the TSC help create the doc code repo and setup the readthedoc repo for various languages.
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