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TWG China Report for April 2017


  1. Team: The team has collaborated in development, adoption cases, i18n, event organization and other works.
  2. Meeting: 2 meetings are held with active discussions (with new joiners). All minutes can be found on the wiki.
  3. Volunteers: We have 2 new volunteers: Wenjie Xie from Wutongshu, and Qilei Li from Hyperchain.
  4. Collaboration and Scenarios
    1. The team is collecting local adoption cases of Hyperledger techniques and put on wiki.
  5. Technical Development
    1. Deployment guideline: With discussions, we are organizing to draft some deployment guideline to help use hyperledger with best practice and recommended config.
    2. Technical Communication: 10+ new subscribers to mail-list. 100+ msgs in the rocket chat channel.
  6. i18n and education work
    1. 10+ volunteers on i18n.
    2. 11 design documentation are on-going and put on wiki.
    3. Several education/training documentation are collected.


  1. Meeting tools: Need global access number + screen sharing (julian and donald are helping)
  2. i18n work: Need the TSC help create the doc code repo and setup the readthedoc repo for translation.
  3. Forum: The global one is slow to access, need to setup local CDN.
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