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TWG China report for Feb 2017


  1. Team: The team has collaborated in event organization, developments and other works.
  2. Meeting: 1 meeting is held with active discussions (with new joiners), all minutes are put on the wiki page. The other meeting is canceled due to sprint festival.
  3. Events: 1 hackathon event is settled in Shanghai; 1 new meetup is planed at shanghai.
  4. Technical communications: 62 subscribers to mail-list, with 23 msgs. 38 users and 30+ msgs in the rocket chat channel. And we have the official wechat subscription account now.
  5. Technical development: We have new members to contribute to the projects. New contributors from Wanda have 4 new patches in SDK and chaincode. Wanda is also preparing Javascript support. Will encourage individual/sponsored developers to contribute by helping low the entrance bar.
  6. The i18n team has started to work, with 10 new volunteers.


  1. Meeting tools: Need global access number + screen sharing (julian and donald are helping)
  2. i18n work: Need to fix the platform problem.
  3. Forum: Adopt the global one? Or use some local 3rd-party one?
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