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TWG China report for Jan 2017


  1. Team: The team is setup with 3 initial chairs and 3 liaisons from LF. 8 persons are joined as volunteers who help drive the working items.
  2. Meeting: 2 meetings are held with active discussions, all minutes are put on the wiki page.
  3. Events: An official announcement blog is published; The hackathon place and date is negotiated (plan to hold 100+ players); 2 meetups are held at beijing and shenzhen (each one has 100+ attendees).
  4. Technical communications: 62 subscribers to mail-list, with 85 msgs.
  5. Working charter was approved in TSC meeting.
  6. Others:
    1. Volunteers are driving the i18n work for Hyperledger documentations (10+ persons show interests to help contribute).


  1. Meeting tools: need global access number + screen sharing (julian and donald are helping)
  2. i18n work: Any recommended platform to use? And where can we put the translated results?
  3. Forum: Adopt the global one? Or use some local 3rd-party one?
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