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 **Feel free to add ur name here to attend the meeting.** **Feel free to add ur name here to attend the meeting.**
-Attendees: ​+Attendees: ​14
   * Baohua Yang   * Baohua Yang
-  * Jay Guo 
   * Zhenhua Zhao   * Zhenhua Zhao
-  * Scott Long+  * Yong Wan
   * Yong Wan   * Yong Wan
   * David Liu   * David Liu
   * Allen Shao   * Allen Shao
- +  * Peng Du 
 +  * Yu Han
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 ==== Minutes ==== ==== Minutes ====
 +  - [[https://​​g/​tsc | TSC meetings sync]]
 +    - Welcome to attend [[https://​​events/​hyperledger-global-forum-2018/​|Hyperledger Global Forum, December 12-15 (Basel, Switzerland)]]
 +    - Education&​Training working group => learning material development WG, and call for volunteers from china to help translate docs and subtitles of the edx video courses
 +    - Review [[https://​​document/​d/​1b6ES0bKUK30E2iZizy3vjVEhPn7IvsW5buDo7nFXBE0| Supply Chain Proposal]]
 +  - [[groups/​twgc/​team_di | Team development and Innovation]] (Zhangjiong Xuan, Yaoguo Jiang, Haitao Yue, Dijun Liu)
 +    - [[groups/​twgc/​faq|Technical FAQ update]].
 +    - [[https://​​channel/​fabric-crypto| fabric crypto discussions]]
 +    - Dijun Liu will let TWGC review the SM2 integration work.
 +    - 'Code Contribution'​ guideline in Hyperledger Wechat Official
 +      * New guideline for fabric-sdk-node(in review) ​
 +  - [[groups/​twgc/​team_ie| Team i18n and Education ]] (Lidong Guo, Jiang Lu, Xueting Zhou)
 +    - translation is ongoing with 10+ topics.
 +    - Call for new naming of the contribution chain, now testing cross-region connection (Lidong Guo)
 +  - [[groups/​twgc/​team_cs| Team Collaboration and Scenarios ]] (Yanqing Wang, Jian Chen)
 +    - Call for member companies'​s blockchain applications and cases:​[[https://​​groups/​twgc/​team_cs| China members and cases ]]
 +    - Call for HL member news, will select to publish through official wechat channel. Feel free to contact TWGC(
 +  - [[groups/​twgc/​team_eo| Team Event Organization ]] (Jiannan Guo, Sheng Huang, Zhenhua Zhao, Kai Chen)
 +    - [[groups/​twgc/​events/​guideline| Meetup guideline]]
 +      - whoever has a proposal to organize a meetup should update the wiki page as a placeholder ASAP, to avoid conflict. If an event is being planned without others in community being aware of it, we may have parallel threads and it's very problematic to consolidate at the end. Please do not hesitate to place your proposal in wiki page, even without details, everything is malleable. Remember, this is just a lock in a distributed team like TWGC.
 +    - **[[groups/​twgc/​team_eo| Meetups in Nov]].** ​
 +      - Beijing: None
 +      - Shanghai: 11.17@Fudan Univ
 +      - Shenzhen: early Dec, work with tencent cloud team
 +  - Zhenhua introduce the sharing of HL technologies at Fintech Conf at Shenzhen
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