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TWG China Meeting


15:00 ~ 15:40, 2017-08-24, GMT+8



Pls add ur name here before the meeting.

  • Jay Guo (IBM)
  • Daisy Guo (IBM)
  • Alex Eng (RedHat)
  • Zhangjiong Xuan(Hyperchain)
  • Allen Shao (AIIB)


  1. Zanata Q&A


Alex Eng from RedHat is very generous to offer a Q&A session to answer questions we had for Zanata

Q: Integration with Github: the tool should be able to pull source docs from Hyperledger repo, and push translated docs to CN Repo.

A: We could use zanata jenkins plugin to accomplish this

Q: Format of docs: currently docs are in rst format. Ideally the tool should be able to convert to/from it

A: We need to convert between rst/html in jenkins

Q: Review support: the tool should support role-based operation, reviewer/translator

A: Yes it does.

Q: Service infrastructure: Official web service or self-host service

A: is free of use, but a bit old in terms of version. We could use this at beginning, but consider setting up our own instance later on

TODO: Linsheng and Jiannan will investigate Zanata Jenkins Plugin.

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