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   * Linsheng Yu (ChainNova)   * Linsheng Yu (ChainNova)
   * Jay Guo (IBM)   * Jay Guo (IBM)
 +  * Allen Shao
 +  * Leon
 +  * Zhangjiong Xuan
 ==== Agenda ==== ==== Agenda ====
-  - Placeholder+  - Translation Tool Discussion
 ==== Minutes ==== ==== Minutes ====
-  - Placeholder+  - In general, using a translation tool like [[|Zanata]]/​[[|Transifex]] is more appropriate for this task than using Github/​Gerrit,​ however, learning curve of such tools is intimidating,​ especially for new contributors. 
 +  - Zanata is more user-friendly and opens source friendly than Tansifex. 
 +  - We need to consider following aspects while evaluating the tool: 
 +    - Integration with Github: the tool should be able to pull source docs from Hyperledger repo, and push translated docs to CN Repo 
 +    - Format of docs: currently docs are in rst format. Ideally the tool should be able to convert to/from it 
 +    - Review support: the tool should support role-based operation, reviewer/​translator 
 +    - Service infrastructure:​ Official web service or self-host service 
 +  - **TODO**: Linsheng and Jiannan will develop an end-to-end demo to showcase the work flow of Zanata and propose to next TWGC meeting
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