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TWG China Meeting


10AM ~ 11AM, 2017-08-02, GMT+8


  • option 1: Use the computer audio to connect in
  • option 2: Dial in using the phone number at the website (No local number now)

Backup Phone Number (Deprecate soon):

  • 800-820-0027 (toll free)
  • 400-821-0751 (caller paid)

Passcode: 71173794


Pls add ur name here before the meeting.

  • Baohua Yang (IBM)
  • Zhou Xing (IBM)
  • Yaoguo Jiang (HUAWEI)
  • Yin Cao (Energychain Lab)
  • Linsheng Yu (ChainNova)
  • Zhen Hua Dong (IBM)
  • Dahai Zhang (Sansec)
  • Xueyang Han (Sansec)
  • Min Luo (NTT)
  • Zhangjiong Xuan (Hyperchain)
  • Fei Cao (HUAXIN)


  1. TSC meeting sync
    1. US Hackfest, 9/21 & 9/22 in Chicago
  2. Team development and Innovation (Yaoguo and Ray Chen)
    1. Code development on projects
  3. Team i18n and Education s (Linsheng Yu, Wenjie Xie, Kewei Sun)
    1. Finish translated 12 tech docs, need more reviewer.
    2. Github solution evaluation.
  4. Team Event Organization (Zhou Xing and Zhoudong Ji)
    1. Will announce the technical events recently
  5. other issues
    1. SM2 support work for fabric (Zhenhua Dong, Dahai Zhang, Xueyang Han)
    2. Hyperledger Fabric中文社区建设 (Zhangjiong Xuan)


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