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Leon Liang
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Yaoguo Jiang [Minute]
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       - scott will be volunteer for hackfest       - scott will be volunteer for hackfest
   - mail-list, rocketchat activities sync (yaoguo and zhipeng)   - mail-list, rocketchat activities sync (yaoguo and zhipeng)
-    - **TODO**yaoguo to add more+    - mailist82 subscribers,​ 19emails, focus on fabric v1.0 consensus/​CA/​orderer/​channel and i18n start. 
 +    - rocketchat: 84users, 100+msgs, focus on fabric v1.0 setup/​channel/​ledger storage.
   - Community development report (Ray Chen)   - Community development report (Ray Chen)
     - blockchain-explorer 0 new patchsets;     - blockchain-explorer 0 new patchsets;
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