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TWG China Meeting


10AM ~ 11AM, 2017-01-18, GMT+8


  • Baohua Yang


  1. TSC meeting sync (baohua)
    1. hackfest: SFO at Feb 1-2.Shanghai (March TBD) / New York (May TBD): If you have venue space, please contact to discuss.
    2. New project was accepted: Cello
  2. phone system and forum (donald)
  3. meetup/hackathon (zhou xing)
  4. mail-list and slack discussion (yaoguo and zhipeng)
  5. i18n work (kewei and zhoudong)
  6. Reporting
    1. TODO: Since the Chinese new year at the end of Jan, will summary a work report to TSC at middle of Jan.
  7. other issues


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