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 | 17:20 ~ 17:30  | 自由交流 ​                            | 所有参与者 ​                       | | 17:20 ~ 17:30  | 自由交流 ​                            | 所有参与者 ​                       |
 +TWG-China has organized a half-day meetup on March 24th, which is hosted by Peking University. More than 150 developers and enthusiasts attended the event. Peking university also announced during the event that it had joined Hyperledger as academia member.
 +Opening speech was given by Prof. Chen Zhong, discussing some of the major milestones in financial history of modern China. He also briefly covered Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, as well as cryptocurrencies in general.
 +The first topic was given by Dong Ning, CEO of ChainNova. He introduced business logic and methodology of ChainNove and their practice of applying Blockchain technology in provenance. He also discussed the evolution of Blockchain technologies and compared several popular projects, including Hyperledger,​ Ethereum, Quorum, etc, and their unique use cases.
 +Then, Dr. Yang BaoHua, Chair of TWG-China and TSC member of Hyperledger,​ gave a general introduction to Hyperledger,​ covering both community and projects. He also encouraged more people to join TWC-China as volunteers to grow local community and ecosystem.
 +Following that, Dr. Tang Cong, CEO of Oxchains, gave the speech “From decentralized digital coin to decentralized digital business”. He shared their Blockchain solutions in various industries, including supply chain finance, food/drug provenance, healthcare, etc. He also analyzed Blockchain market and shed light on one-stop cryptocurrency investment platform and technologies supporting it.
 +After a short break, Liu DiJun from China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) introduced Cryptographic algorithms being used in Fabric, BCCSP, MSP and the progress of supporting commercial cryptography scheme in China.
 +Lastly, Dong ZhenHua from IBM talked about security related features in Fabric v1.1, e.g. Attribute-Based Access Control. He also discussed Fabric-CA deployment, restful services, MSP structures.
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