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TSC Working Group Updates

Every quarter, technical working groups must submit an update to the TSC. The report must be submitted according to the schedule to allow for the TSC to review the contents before its meeting on Thursday. The working group updates must follow the Hyperledger Working Group Update Template. This can be done by creating a new link on this page utilizing the following syntax:

[[groups:tsc:wg-updates:<working-group>-<year>-<month>|<Working Group> Update, <Month> <Year>]]

For example, if the working group Foo wanted to submit its June 2018 update, they would create a page as follows:

[[groups:tsc:wg-updates:foo-2017-june|Foo Update, June 2018]]

Next, the person would edit the page to include the contents of the monthly update.

Working Group Updates

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2018 Q4 Updates

2018 Q3 Updates

2018 Q2 Updates

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