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Hyperledger Working Group Update

Training & Education Working Group

Working Group Health

Meetings continue to hover around 18. Product creation is slow. Participants in China requested an earlier meeting time, we switched for several months from 10:00 PST to 8:00 PST. A few key contributors cannot attend at 8:00 and the participants who requested the change have not attended for months. As such, with the daylight savings time change (in some countries), starting 5 November we will roll back to the 10:00 PST meeting time.

We are considering a group name change to more clearly address the charter of the group. As participants complete the edX course(s) they see Training & Education as next steps in their learning. A majority of our participants attend as a place where they hope to receive Training & Education rather than where they plan to develop Training & Education. One idea is a name change to Learning Materials Development WG


We will select a new co-lead as working group administrator. I will lead a subgroup project, Smart Contracts with 2-3 T&E participants. I will attend meetings and be available as a substitute.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Mailing lists go out with an agenda before each meeting and no meetings have been missed.

Planned Work Products

  • Final edit on the 36 concept definitions developed. Participants request to integrate the definitions into an article with emphasis on effects on a democratic society
  • A Fabric concepts definitions document outline
  • Smart Contracts (chaincode) use case with recommendations, implementation details and tech tutorials, across Hyperledger projects
  • Six concept animation videos

Participant Diversity

There are a consistent approximate 10 contributors.

Additional Information

None at this time.

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