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Hyperledger Working Group Update

Identity Working Group

March 2018

Working Group Health

The Working Group holds regular audio conferences every two weeks, have been stable on zoom for about a month or so. We have a revolving group of attendees of around 15-20 with a core group of 8-10. There are at least 2-3 new attendees in every session. Lots of discussion on Identity and Blockchain Identity in particular. Progress on the paper had been slow, has speeded up recently with a regular work-schedule.


Required If there are any specific issues that the TSC should be aware of or specifically address, then please call them out. If not, then it is helpful to state something like: “There are no issues at this time.” When in doubt, it is better to include information, concerns, or questions, rather than waiting.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Required Discuss briefly how active the working group mailing lists and chat channels are. Are there regular meetings being held? What work products are being worked on? Reports should list the work products created since your last report, along with the creation date of each. Conversely, if activity is minimal, discuss how the working group plans to address that - whether through seeking out new contributors/participants/leaders or planning towards a move to an End of Life state.

Planned Work Products

Required: What deliverables will you be working on in the upcoming quarter?

Participant Diversity

Required A healthy working group should survive the departure of any single participant. Is the working group growing/shrinking?

Additional Information

Optional Please provide any additional information that you feel would be useful for TSC to be aware.

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