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Hyperledger Working Group Update

Identity Working Group

June 2018

Working Group Health

The Working Group holds regular audio conferences every two weeks, we have been stable on zoom. The timing of the call is not ideal for worldwide participation; although this is an issue shared with most other working groups. We have a revolving group of attendees of around 15-20 with a core group of 8-10. There are at least 2-3 new attendees every session. Lots of discussion takes place on Identity and Blockchain Identity in particular. Progress on the paper has picked up with volunteer and work-schedule. Looking for ways to improve participation from specific projects as well as get to the finish line in terms of the paper.


A regular cadence on editing the paper with volunteers personally responsible for small sections has yielded better results. We need Identity experts from incubated DLTs (Fabric, Indy, Sawtooth, Iroha, Quilt, Burrow) to contribute, especially on current practice. The work product aspect of the working groups is always a challenge as the work is purely voluntary and tied to producing comprehensive text. Meeting minutes need rotating scribes- we are looking for scribe volunteers.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

There are 313 members in the chat channel and similar numbers on the mailing list. The calls are very active, with the chat channel and the mailing list being lightly used in the interim. However, the paper has seen a lot of activity and the developments there are seen by all. This happens throughout the week. We missed one call last quarter, during the hackfest. The paper in a rough draft is nearing completion, lots of new material has been added in the last quarter. We discussed “The Domains Of Identity” paper by Kaliya Young which has been valuable in providing a through-line in binding the narrative of the paper together. Kaliya also presented her findings during one of the calls.

Another activity of the group is to be a launching pad for new work connected to Identity in DLTs, we hosted a presentation from IBANP, the IBAN portability project who plan to incubate their solution in Hyperledger labs.

Planned Work Products

The paper will be divided into two parts, with the draft version of the initial paper to be produced by the end of the next quarter. The second part will be more technical with Interface definitions We will produce a directory of all those who wish to be listed, with short bios. We will also be a forum for interchange of ideas regarding Identity on Blockchains.

Participant Diversity

The Working Group is healthy, with participation from groups outside the normal channels of Hyperledger engagement.We have practitioners from Technical companies, DLT companies, Governments, the Legal profession, Financial Enterprises, Healthcare and Students who join the call.

Additional Information

Acknowledgements are due to the most active participants and many of the regulars who have moved the Agenda forward. Please participate in this Working Group to engage on real world challenges with Identity on the Blockchain.

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