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Hyperledger Working Group Update

Working Group

Healthcare Working Group

Working Group Health

Required Sum up the status and health of your working group and the community in a few sentences. Consider this the TL;DR for the rest of the report. How is your working group doing health-wise? Are work products being created? Are there new contributors/participants showing up?

After evolving the Healthcare Workgroup earlier this year our plan to develop sub-groups and produce work product has made excellent headway. Three active subgroups have formed to examine Patient-centric, Payor/Insurance, and Electronic Health Record use cases. The Working Group recently hosted a Gartner Research Director who focuses on blockchain in healthcare to share his views with the group.


Required If there are any specific issues that the TSC should be aware of or specifically address, then please call them out. If not, then it is helpful to state something like: “There are no issues at this time.” When in doubt, it is better to include information, concerns, or questions, rather than waiting.

I would not say that there are any “issues.”

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Required Discuss briefly how active the working group mailing lists and chat channels are. Are there regular meetings being held? What work products are being worked on? Reports should list the work products created since your last report, along with the creation date of each. Conversely, if activity is minimal, discuss how the working group plans to address that - whether through seeking out new contributors/participants/leaders or planning towards a move to an End of Life state.

The healthcare Working Group has regular, bi-weekly groupwide meetings and subgroups have meetings on a similar cadence to organize their activity. The subgroups have also been scheduling ad-hoc meetings as necessary

Here's a sample of the Patient Subgroup's work:

HL Global Forum Submission: At a high-level, reviewed our Connecting Patient Data Across Silos for Diagnostics and Treatment use case and how to engage with a build while not duplicating the work of another Hyperledger partner: Medicalchain

Decided that the donor milk use case and POC is what the patient/member subgroup would like to pursue as top priority, and to track to the Hyperledger Global Forum timeline for completion. Initial architecture documentation for the subgroup to review to be posted to the wiki when it is received Upcoming meeting agenda: review any updates to use case, timeline, and engagement from the developer and identity working groups (Vipin Bharatham (@vipinb) who leads the Identity working group has offered to join a future meeting to coordinate.

Planned Work Products

Continuing to refine plans, grow the subgroups, whitepapers, nurture potential code donations/contributions.

Participant Diversity

Required A healthy working group should survive the departure of any single participant. Is the working group growing/shrinking?

We have had a number of Workgroup members step up an take on organizing and moving things forward, collaboratively. I have spoken to at least one lead about continuing to evolve the group to ensure it's sustainability. As we have 3 subgroups, and I expect more to form, we'll continue to focus on this area. Healthcare can also encourage siloed thinking, and a habituation towards centralization. So attention to coaching opportunities is where some focus will remain.

Additional Information

Optional Please provide any additional information that you feel would be useful for TSC to be aware.

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