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Hyperledger Working Group Update

Working Group

Healthcare Working Group

Working Group Health

The Healthcare working group has spent the beginning of this year re-forming after leadership changes at the end of 2017. We have conducted an updated survey of the group's participant, and their opinions on direction. We are presently turning the inputs into a plan to create sub-groups as well as cross workgroup collaboration in areas where that makes sense. We are still storming and norming, but expect to be launching projects and code.



Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Most of the activity has surrounded electing chairs, surveying interest. We are now forming subgroups around 3 or 4 main broad use cases.

Planned Work Products

This quarter we are working towards getting the groups formed and decisions made about what efforts will involve.

Participant Diversity

The group needs a better leadership team. All of the work is falling to one person. However, we have canvassed the group in terms of interest and input, so this should be solving itself this quarter.

Additional Information

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