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Hyperledger Project Update


Required Specify the project that this report covers

Project Health

Required Sum up the status and health of your project and the community in a few sentences. Consider this the TL;DR for the rest of the report. How is your community doing health-wise? Are questions being answered? Are contributors acting appropriately? Are there new contributors showing up?


Required If there are any specific issues that the TSC should be aware of, or specifically address, then please call them out. If not, then it is helpful to state something like: “There are no issues at this time.” When in doubt, it is better to include information or questions, rather than waiting.


Required Regular software product releases are a sign of a healthy project. Reports should list the releases made since your last report, along with the release date of each. NOTE: If no releases were made, list the date of the most recent prior release.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Required Discuss briefly how active the project mailing lists and chat channels are. Are emails or user questions regularly read and responded to? What technical changes is the project working on? Is there new development happening, or just bug fixes? NOTE: If activity is minimal, verify whether or not there are at least three active maintainers who can step in when needed, and include this information in the report.

Current Plans

Required A healthy project will often be working towards a common goal, or have a shared understanding of what is being done next - even if individual contributors have their own “itches”. What are the main features planned? What releases are planned? Are there any specific efforts or branches of development under way? This does not need to be described in technical detail. Conversely, if activity is minimal, discuss how the project plans to address that - whether through seeking out new contributors, maintaining in a dormant but available state, or planning towards a move to a Deprecated (and ultimately End of Life) state.

Maintainer Diversity

Required Please include the maintainers that were added since your last report. This information will allow us to track the diversity and growth of the maintainers of the project. NOTE: If no maintainers were added since your last report, provide the list of existing maintainers.

Contributor Diversity

Required A healthy project should survive the departure of any single contributor or employer of contributors. Healthy projects also serve needs of many parties. Include information on the number of unique organizations currently contributing to the project. NOTE: The contributions do not need to be source code.

Additional Information

Optional Please provide any additional information that you feel would be useful for TSC to be aware.

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