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Hyperledger Project Update


Hyperledger Sawtooth

Project Health

We released our 1.1 release last month. New features included in this release:

Blog content:

Additionally, added a FAQ to the Sawtooth Website:


Prior Issues

  • Disconnection between TSC and projects. Continuing to improve.
  • Maintainer access to project page managed by LF. Inconclusive.
  • Increase in PR backlog given increased submissions. No change.

New Issues

  • Sawtooth Next Directory feels like a separate project. It does not conform to

the community norms.


  • 1.1 Dec 2018

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • Chat activity continues to increase
  • Developer chat has continued to move to rocket chat from private channels
  • listserv traffic remains light.

See community calendar for occurrences of our

  • Tech Forum

Current Plans

Continuing development on:

  • The Python and Rust SDKs are being split into their own repos
  • Devmode Consensus engine is being moved to its own repo
  • Rewrite of remaining Python components in Sawtooth Core in Rust
  • Mobile SDK development: client SDK’s for both iOS and Android
  • PBFT Release
  • Sabre 1.0 as well as adding functionality around “Smart Permissions”

Maintainer Diversity

Maintainers are roughly evenly distributed across, Cargill, Intel, with T-Mobile on Next Directory.

Contributor Diversity

  • Commits from 2018-10-1 to 2018-12-31: 420
  • Committers from 2018-10-1 to 2018-12-31: 28
  • Domains from 2018-10-1 to 2018-12-31: 6
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