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 ===== Project Health ===== ===== Project Health =====
 The state of the Sawtooth is good. The state of the Sawtooth is good.
-We continue to ride the momentum from the production release earlier this year. 
 +We continue to ride the momentum from the production release earlier this year. 
 +Commit traffic is strong and diverse. ​
 +New features are being developed and released.
 +New features: ​
 +  * Smart contracts in Web Assembly (Wasm): (Sawtooth-sabre)[[https://​​hyperledger/​sawtooth-sabre]]
 +  * Multi-language Consensus support: Consensus Engines
 +  * Getting //RUSTY//: Internal components porting from python->​rust
 +  * Even easier deployment: New ansible repo; Improved docs.
 +  * [[https://​​hyperledger/​sawtooth-ansible]]
 +  * .NET sdk
 +  * [[https://​​hyperledger/​sawtooth-sdk-dotnet]]
 +Sawtooth added a governance/​RFC process to accommodate the growing community interest:
 ===== Issues ===== ===== Issues =====
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   * Not plugged into HL meetups   * Not plugged into HL meetups
   * One maintainer reported he was rejected from accessing the project page managed by LF.   * One maintainer reported he was rejected from accessing the project page managed by LF.
-  * Our latest bug fix (1.0.5) was delayed due to competing priorities.+  * Our latest bug fix release ​(1.0.5) was delayed due to competing priorities
 +  * Slight increase in PR backlog given increased submissions 
 +  * Not necessarily an issue yet, but porting our build from Intel provided servers to LF/HL is still WIP.
 ===== Releases ===== ===== Releases =====
-1.0.4 May - bug fixes +  * 1.0.4 May - bug fixes 
-1.0.5 July TBD - bug fixes +  ​* ​1.0.5 July TBD - bug fixes 
-1.0.6 July/Aug - doc updates & bug fixes +  ​* ​1.0.6 July/Aug - doc updates & bug fixes 
-1.1-RC1 Aug - Developer Preview ​+  ​* ​1.1-RC1 Aug - Developer Preview ​
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   * listserv traffic remains light.   * listserv traffic remains light.
   * Very positive reaction to Application Developer weekly calls.   * Very positive reaction to Application Developer weekly calls.
-  * We are adding an Asia-friendly timeslot.+  ​** We are adding an Asia-friendly timeslot.
 +See community calendar [[https://​​community/​calendar-public-meetings]] for occurrences of our 
 +  * Tech Forum
 +  * Application Developer Support
 +  * Sprint Planning
 ===== Current Plans ===== ===== Current Plans =====
-//**Required** A healthy project will often be working towards a common goal, or have a shared understanding of what is being done next - even if individual contributors have their own "​itches"​. What are the main features planned? What releases are planned? Are there any specific efforts or branches of development under way? This does not need to be described in technical detail. Conversely, if activity is minimal, discuss how the project plans to address that - whether through seeking out new contributors,​ maintaining in a dormant but available state, or planning towards a move to a Deprecated ​(and ultimately End of Lifestate.//+Sawtooth 1.1 targeting August timeframe to include 
 +  ​Performance enhancements via Rust port 
 +  ​Raft (also performance) 
 +  ​PoET2 
 +  ​PBFT (tbd) 
 +  * Enhanced documentation
 +See RFCs for descriptions for PoET2, PBFT, Sabre (wasm) and others.
-===== Maintainer Diversity ===== +Note that the SDKs are splitting out into their own repos.
-//​**Required** Please include the maintainers ​that were added since your last report. This information will allow us to track the diversity and growth of the maintainers of the project. NOTE: If no maintainers were added since your last report, provide ​the list of existing maintainers.//+
 +===== Maintainer Diversity =====
 +Bitwise has eclipsed Intel in the maintainer count.
 +Overall Sawtooth governance is now established under our RFC process as noted above.
 ===== Contributor Diversity ===== ===== Contributor Diversity =====
-//**Required*A healthy project should survive the departure of any single contributor or employer of contributors. Healthy projects also serve needs of many parties. Include information on the number of unique organizations currently contributing to the project. NOTEThe contributions do not need to be source code.//+  ​Commits since 2018-04-01 :  1160 
 +  ​Committers since 2018-04-01 :  35 
 +  ​Domains since 2018-04-01 ​ 10
 ===== Additional Information ===== ===== Additional Information =====
-//​**Optional** Please provide any additional information that you feel would be useful for TSC to be aware.//+Editing this wiki is a good way to learn what the web felt like in 1998.
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