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Hyperledger Project Update


Hyperledger Quilt

Project Health

Quilt has had slow steady progress toward a v1 release of the Java ILP SDK. One additional contributor is providing detailed reviews and two new community members have expressed an interest in becoming contributors going forward.


Nothing new. We continue to struggle with resourcing but are making slow progress none-the-less.


No code releases but significant work on issue triage completed and numerous bugs fixed and minor feature additions to the existing codebase.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Bi-weekly calls have had very few dial-ins however the core contributors still meet regularly and use the calls to triage the issue list and discuss architectural issues.

Current Plans

Goal remains to have a v1 release of the following ILP components: - ILP core (packets, codecs etc. Mostly done) - ILDCP protocol (mostly done) - BTP protocol (codecs complete, integration with WebSockets to do) - STREAM protocol (not started)

Stretch Goal: There is work being done on an implementation of a full ILP connector. This is not part of the roadmap as it is not a high priority however the person responsible is personally interested in completing the work.

Maintainer Diversity

No changes

Contributor Diversity

A new contributor (Nick Dudfield) has been providing valuable code reviews Wanchain are interested in becoming more involved and will join the next community call (26 September).

Additional Information

There is an implementation of the ILP protocol stack being done in Go. We are discussing the possibility of including this into the Quilt project with the maintainer:

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