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Hyperledger Project Update


Hyperledger Fabric

Project Health

Fabric continues to grow and mature. Last week, we published our version 1.2.0 release. We have a growing mix of contributors with IBM comprising 44% of the contributors over the past quarter (+6%) though 22% of the commits (+2%) are from non-IBM sources. There have been 112 developers (+16) representing 15 companies contributing 1445 commits.

There are a good mix of questions in chat, email and on – now over 2100 questions for the 'hyperledger-fabric' tag, with the majority being answered. The questions themselves continue to be increasingly sophisticated, which is also a good sign.


This past week we have spent time with the JIRA consultant hired by LF, and results thus far have been positive with some solid recommendations for improved configuration and recommended plugins. A recommendation to add Confluence as a better integrated wiki is being considered.


As noted, Fabric team published its 1.2.0 release last week (July 3) and since 1.1.0, has published one additional bugfix release (1.1.1) and our 1.2.0-rc1 interim releases. The rate of downloads of Fabric binaries and images continues to average just under 100/day.The project maintainers plan to maintain a quarterly release cadence with the next release scheduled for September 2018.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

email traffic spiked in March and dipped in June, but still stronger than prior June. The RocketChat traffic seems to have increased as well, but there are so many channels to track it is hard to get a sense for how much of an increase there's been. Stackoverflow traffic is steadily increasing, reaching nearly 2,200 questions (a 65% increase QtQ). Lots of questions being driven by Composer use with Fabric.

Current Plans

As noted, the project maintainers plan a 1.3.0 release in 3Q 2018.The project maintains a release roadmap though it needs to be updated with the 1.3.0 plan once decided by the maintainers, and maintains a JIRA dashboard to track specific items. We hold frequent playback meetings for design review and intend to continue regular maintainer hangouts about every other week to track the release plan's progress against objectives.

Maintainer Diversity

Maintainer diversity was static though there is potential on the horizon.

Contributor Diversity

We have seen some new contributors over the past quarter from Accenture, BBVA, Oracle, Blocledger and some individual contributors. IBM's percentage of overall contributors increased 6% to 44% in the past quarter, though the percentage of lines and commits from non-IBM sources increased over the previous quarter.

Additional Information

Collaboration with Cello, Caliper, Burrow and Indy projects is continuing and we expect to be expanding. We also had some discussions with the Sawtooth team and are exploring areas of mutual interest and collaboration. The maintainers have begun a series of bi-weekly hangouts on zoom to track progress against our release plans and we hold frequent design playbacks for new feature development.

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