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 +====== Hyperledger Project Update ======
 +===== Project =====
 +Hyperledger Fabric
 +===== Project Health =====
 +Fabric continues to grow and mature. In November, we published a preview release of the up-coming version 1.1 release. This is not feature complete, but provides users with a taste of some of the key new features coming in 1.1. We have a growing mix of contributors with IBM comprising only 40% of the contributors (-2%) and 50% (+1%) of the commits since the 1.0.0 release. There have been 87 developers (+18) representing 18 companies (+4) contributing 734 commits and changing over 500k LOC. The project published two additional bugfix releases (1.0.4, 1.0.5) and is in the process of working towards a 1.1-alpha release around EOM January 2018.
 +There seems to be a good mix of questions in chat, email and on [[stackoverflow|https://​​questions/​tagged/​hyperledger-fabric]] (which notched its 1,000th question for the '​hyperledger-fabric'​ tag, with the majority being answered. The questions themselves are increasingly sophisticated,​ which is also a good sign. One of the more commonly asked is how to deploy Fabric to a network of nodes using Kubernetes or Swarm, etc.
 +A couple of areas that need improvement are in keeping the number of JIRA defects down (they tend to grow while new features are developed) and improving the documentation and samples.
 +===== Issues =====
 +The team is trying to make more effective use of JIRA for project management, and we could definitely use some expertise to help configure JIRA to be more useful to the development community and those who wish to track our work.
 +===== Releases =====
 +As noted, Fabric team published its 1.1-preview release in November and since the last report, has published two bugfix releases on approximately a monthly schedule. The project maintainers plan to publish a 1.1-alpha release by EOM January, 2018 and we are targeting 1.1-beta for EOM February and 1.1.0 EOM March, 2018.
 +===== Overall Activity in the Past Quarter =====
 +email traffic spiked in November and dipped in December (holidays). The RocketChat traffic seems to have increased as well, but there are so many channels to track, so hard to get a sense for how much of an increase there'​s been. Stackoverflow traffic is steady, reaching the 1,000 question milestone. Lots of questions being driven by Composer use with Fabric.
 +===== Current Plans =====
 +As noted, the project maintainers plan a 1.1 release in 1Q 2018.There are 21 major features and epics being tracked for 1.1. These are captured in [[https://​​issues/?​filter=10904|JIRA]] and also on the [[https://​​secure/​Dashboard.jspa?​selectPageId=10104|Fabric dashboard]]. Notable are ensuring live-upgrade compatibility for 1.0.x->​1.1,​ Chaincode lifecycle management improvement,​ Javascript chaincode support, servicability,​ performance and scale improvements.
 +===== Maintainer Diversity =====
 +Maintainer diversity grew by virtue of the fact that two of the IBM maintainers joined another member company: State Street Bank. The project now has 15 maintainers. IBM (9), State Street (3), HACERA (1), Huawei (1), Consensys (1). We retired the maintainers from DAH and Salesforce due to inactivity and we lost another IBM maintainer to Consensys.
 +===== Contributor Diversity =====
 +As noted, in the quarter since we previously reported we added an additional 300 contributions from 87 contributors (+18) representing 18 companies (+4) and individuals,​ with IBM representing only 42% of the contributors and 49% of the commits. Notable are increased contribution levels from Secure Key, State Street, Hitachi, SAP, Oracle and IT People.
 +===== Additional Information =====
 +None at this time
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