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Hyperledger Explorer Update

Hyperledger Explorer

Project Health

Project health is green. We are working with Fabric 1.1. We use all of the following to help keep project health green: JIRA, RocketChat, email, Gerrit, Jenkins, GitHub, Zoom, Skype. Questions asked via rocket-chat are being answered in a timely manner. For greater efficiency in this regard, a FAQs page will be checked in into the repository soon. Daily standup calls are held M-F at 8:30 am. Some days there is one more early AM to accommodate our members in India. Good mix of backgrounds of contributors, from front-end to back-end expertise. Patch sets are reviewed internally within contributing organizations and then within the developer community.


There are some issues at this time for certain functionality not available in Fabric Node SDK that we are working around.


v0.3.2: Release 3.2 of blockchain-explorer is going to be ready for Friday June 28th, 2018. Going forward releases will be clearly tagged.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

In this quarter (Apr-Jun 2018) aim was to accomplish a lot more of the backend work. All of this is expected to be able with 0.3.2 release on June 28th, 2018.

1. Upgrade to Fabric 1.1 2. Re-organization of project directory structure in order to accommodate future goal of cross-platform compatibility of Explorer. 3. Docker containerization of Explorer. 4. Complete unit test suites for front-end and backend testing. 5. Integration of Swagger into the Node js project.

Current Plans

• Create Block detail page • Improve look and feel • Provide a visual representation of blocks and transactions

Maintainer Diversity

Active maintainers are only from DTCC.

Contributor Diversity

Active contributors are only from DTCC. We are requesting help from the community to increase contributor diversity.

Additional Information


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