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Hyperledger Project Update


Blockchain Explorer

Project Health

We made the blockchain explorer compatible with v1.0.x of Fabric, and an announcement will be sent out soon. In this release we closed about 19 tickets/user stories. We simplified the configuration file that the user has to modify to be able to easily connect to a peer.


There are no issues at this time.


Blockchain explorer 2.0 release is ready and will be announced soon. We announced it on the chat channels #blockchain-exploer, #general and #fabric that it is compatible with Fabric v1.0.x and ready for release.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

We have made significant contribution in the past few months to make it compatible with Fabric v1.0 and simplified the configuration required. There are 641 users who are subscribed to #blockchain-explorer channel and questions related to the project are being answered.

Current Plans

The current plan is to change the front-end to use ReactJS to make it easy for new contributors and ease the development effort. We are currently having planning meetings to finalize the road-map. The ReactJS effort is being worked on a separate branch (react).

Maintainer Diversity

We have added 2 members (Robert and Daniel) from OneChain as maintainers.

Contributor Diversity

We have contributors from DTCC, OneChain and other individual contributors.

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