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 ===== Overall Activity in the Past Quarter ===== ===== Overall Activity in the Past Quarter =====
-//​**Required** Discuss briefly how active ​the project mailing lists and chat channels areAre emails or user questions ​regularly ​read and responded ​to?  What technical changes is the project working on? Is there new development happeningor just bug fixes? NOTE: If activity ​is minimal, verify whether or not there are at least three active maintainers who can step in when needed, and include this information in the report.//+We see very little activity on the project mailing lists. We see significant amounts of activity on Rocket.Chat,​ Stack Overflow, ​and GitHub issuesIn IBM, we have two team members dedicated to providing assistance to end users on Rocket.Chat and Stack Overflow (Paul O'​Mahoney and Rob Thatcher) and they regularly and quickly answer all questions. We are also starting ​to see other people in the community regularly answer questions as wellwhich is a good step forwards. The current contributors ​are also good at responding to comments GitHub issues ​in a timely manner.
 +We have been regularly delivering new features over the last three months. Some of the key features delivered to end users are:
 +  * Completed support for business network cards in the CLI and APIs.
 +  * Support for Hyperledger Fabric v1.1 preview/​alpha builds.
 +  * Node.js 8 and ES7 support for transaction processor functions.
 ===== Current Plans ===== ===== Current Plans =====
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