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 ===== Project Health ===== ===== Project Health =====
-//​**Required** Sum up the status and health of your project ​and the community ​in few sentencesConsider this the TL;DR for the rest of the reportHow is your community ​doing health-wise?​ Are questions ​being answered? Are contributors ​acting appropriately?​ Are there new contributors showing up?//+We are delivering weekly releases with new functionality ​and bug fixes to the community, with quick turn around of community raised bugsThere has been a substantial increase in the number ​of questions asked on both RocketChat and StackOverflowOur community ​calls are seeing a small but continued participation where we are receiving feedback and questions. However we are struggling to attract external ​contributors ​and we are looking for ways for more people to get involved.
 ===== Issues ===== ===== Issues =====
-The team is trying to increase the number of contributors outside IBM.+The team is trying to increase the number of contributors outside IBM. We plan to do this in a variety of ways. The first is to create more YouTube videos and writing more blog posts, and the second is to push for more contributors after our 0.16 release by offering potential contributors mentors to help them get started contributing to Composer.
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