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Hyperledger Project Update


Hyperledger Cello

Project Health

Cello community is active in the past quarter and just made the v0.9.0 release (Nov 12).

  • Rocketchat channel #cello and wechat are the main communication methods.
  • Questions and ideas are also proposed and discussed at the maillist.
  • Weekly call meeting happens on every Friday 12:30 PM UTC with online discussions, review, and demo. Around 10 persons present.
  • Majority of the patch sets gets reviewed and commented within 2 days.
  • More and more adoption cases of the project.


Currently, most contributors are still in China, US and India, we call for more from other countries.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • Cello currently has 4 maintainers who are actively working on the project and contributing.
  • All communication methods are active with rocketchat/wechat/maillist/wiki.
  • Tong helped demo and present cello at Canada Hackfest, collects 10+ feedbacks, which we reviewed carefully and take action for some features.

Current Plans

Maintainer Diversity

There are 4 maintainers from IBM (2) and Oracle (1) and VMware(1), covering both North America and Asia Pacific. We nominate new maintainers based on continuous contributions in terms of code, QA/education, doc and review activities.

Contributor Diversity

Code contributors are stable now and we found more and more users come into the community asking questions and using cello for their products.

Two new companies appear as H3C and Yongyou.

Additional Information

Cello developers have been participating in meetups and hackfest events to promote and demo the project, and help attract more people to join and use hyperledger products.

Would seek more opportunities to collaborate more with other projects and communities.

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