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This page is out of date

The new page at Current Projects(google sheets)
is much easier to edit.

Project Name Latest Status
Hyperledger Presentations Kelly Presentations for Meetups, learning and developing supplemental content
Core Concepts For End Users Sjir in review as version 1.0
Core Concepts For Fabric Architechs Sjir 08/28/2018 Just started
Links Page Richard moved to wiki
Fabric transaction lifecycle animation Colin, Sjir, and Paul Pending
TE workgroup survey Bobbi @Bobbijn Survey was moved to Hyperledger site
TE workgroup Projects current status (this wiki page) Richard 08/27/2018 - still needs corrections and looking into changing this into a project management tool
Iroha Core Concepts Thaddeus 08/27/2018 - Iroha update
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