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Notes from 8th January 2019

  1. Will opened the meeting, read the anti-trust statement and reminded all that the meeting is being recorded.
  2. Each member introduced themselves by name, company, geographical location and what their aims for SIG membership were. Full introductions can be heard on the audio recording.
  3. The discussion covered what the aims and objectives of the Special Interest Group. This highlighted five areas;
    1. Definition of Trade Finance
    2. Interoperability
    3. Data localisation
    4. Standards
    5. connecting to ERPs
  4. Some specific action arose;
    • ACT Alan; to share the IBM deck that describes interoperability patterns
    • ACT Vik: to share his definition of trade finance scope
  5. Goals for the next three months.
    1. We agreed we would;
      • meet on Zoom every two weeks
      • take a presentation from a member at each meeting
      • develop the Charter to reflect the Aims and Objectives
      • develop our Wiki into the resource that we would like to use
  6. Administration

(after the meeting) Edmund volunteered to coordinate the Membership directory We agreed to keep the meetings at 14:00 UTC, rather than the 17:00 suggested Kevin volunteered to work on the wiki

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