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 Blockchain in Government Tracker- Database [[https://​​shreIXQjzluCxam37/​tbl7qVDFKKiEcFFrc]] Blockchain in Government Tracker- Database [[https://​​shreIXQjzluCxam37/​tbl7qVDFKKiEcFFrc]]
 +Flowbikes - Earn loyalty points by cycling [[https://​​file/​d/​1rgWzv3EUyEts1zmh5YzyiTSxsA15Qetz/​view?​usp=sharing]]
 ===== Presentations ===== ===== Presentations =====
 Hyperledger Meetup Presentation : HYPERLEDGER FRAMEWORKS AND TOOLS Hyperledger Meetup Presentation : HYPERLEDGER FRAMEWORKS AND TOOLS
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