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 +Hyperledger Project\\
 +Public Sector Working Group (PSWG) Meeting\\
 +September 14, 2018 \\
 +Chat:  https://​​channel/​public-sector-wg (you can use your LFID to login)\\
 +Github: ​ https://​​hyperledger\\
 +Wiki:  https://​\\
 +PSWG Wiki: https://​​groups/​public-sector-wg/​public-sector-wg \\
 +Public lists: ​ https://​\\
 +Meetings: ​ https://​​community/​calendar-public-meetings \\
 +Hyperledger class: [[https://​​course/​blockchain-business-introduction-linuxfoundationx-lfs171x-0|Blockchain for Business - An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies]]
 +Linux Foundation Antitrust reminder: https://​​antitrust-policy\\
 +Meeting Notes\\
 +1. Hyperledger Tools Overview\\
 +Bobbi provides an overview of Hyperledger tools: Caliper, Cello, Composer, Explorer, Quilt\\
 +Caliper is a benchmarking tool.\\
 +Cello is a management toolkit for creating blockchains from scratch. Python based. Provides deep analyticals for best allocation of resources. ​ \\
 +Composer is an application development framework used with Fabric. Set of tools to build networks. Java based. \\
 +Explorer is a web based application to allow you to view what’s going on in your blockchain.\\
 +Quilt promotes interoperability between blockchains. Can route payments across different ledgers. ​ \\
 +2. Hyperledger Explorer and Composer Technical Overview\\
 +Waleed El Sayed from 4eyes will lead the call's technical presentation,​ on Hyperledger Explorer and Composer beginning at 19:00. Composer playground demonstration beginning at 28:00 to 41:00 in the video
 +Discussion of Waleed’s presentation\\
 +Group Introductions\\
 +Planning for next meeting\\
 +4. Other Topics\\
 +a) Working at any stage on a project and can discuss it\\
 +b) Considering Hyperledger,​ but have questions, need clarification,​ or would appreciate advice,\\
 +c) Willing to present on a Hyperledger Tool or Framework for the group\\
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