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 ===== Recordings & Slides from Meetings ​ ===== ===== Recordings & Slides from Meetings ​ =====
    * [[groups:​identity:​identity-wg:​Recordings]]    * [[groups:​identity:​identity-wg:​Recordings]]
-   * [[groups:​identity-identity-wg:​2016 Slides/Notes]]+   * [[groups:​identity-identity-wg:​2016 Slides ​and Notes]]
-==== Ethereum and uPort ==== 
-On August 10, 2016 [[mailto:​|Christian Lundkvist]] shared with the Hyperledger Identity WG how identity works with Ethereum and how the uPort smart contract architecture extends that model. 
-The recording for this session is at: 
-The slides are at: 
-==== Membership Services Architecture ==== 
-In July 2016, we held 3 meetings on the topic of IBM’s Membership Services architecture as used by Hyperledger Fabric. //This model has changed quite a bit-20170809 vb// 
-The recording of the 1st Identity WG meeting is available at: 
-The slides for this 1st meeting are at: 
-The recording for the 2nd meeting is available at: 
-The slides for the 2nd meeting are available at: 
-The recording for the 3rd meeting (no new slides) is available at:  
-==== Identity WG May 2016 F2F ==== 
-The Identity Working Group (WG) held a meeting as part of the face-to-face technical session hosted by the DTCC on May 5, 2016. 
-The raw notes from the session are on the following pages: 
-  * [[groups:​identity:​identity-wg-potential-substreams]] 
-  * [[groups:​identity:​identity-wg-potential-work-items]] 
-  * https://​​hyperledger/​hyperledger/​wiki/​Identity-WG---Use-Cases-Inventory 
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