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Identity WG Proposed Work Items

Draft proposed list of Identity Working Group (WG) work items per the May 5, 2016 meeting at DTCC.

  1. Identity @ business logic, federation and consensus layers
  2. Who holds the keys?
  3. Decentralized solution where no one entity holds the keys
  4. Customers versus edge security distinction (e.g., airbits) - how to distribute the identify piece
  5. Federation consensus
  6. What happens when someone loses the private keys - how recover from this
  7. Teasing out what we mean by permissioned network
  8. Multi-country rule structures (e.g., ICANN, rules maintained by consensus, who is/are the sovereign(s))
  9. Use security in a smart contract and proper roles enforced
  10. Integration of identity management with existing systems in outside world
  11. Management of identity to be completely decentralized or a mix
  12. How do we import / incorporate into blockchain and into legacy systems
  13. Adoption
  14. Failure on the blockchain that doesn't originate from an identity issue but impacts identity on blockchain
  15. Impact on external world if lose identity on blockchain
  16. Selective disclosure tools, their APIs, etc.
  17. Consumer application level issue with key management
  18. What societal contracts creating if central authority with key management
  19. Key recovery / key recovery systems
  20. Access control capabilities mapped into smart contracts and identity
  21. High level conceptual overview (scope, taxonomy, reputation, attestation)
  22. What is identity in the future (i.e., future proof)
  23. Is execution of smart contract proof of identity (e.g., per V's white paper)
  24. Harvest existing best practices and apply
  25. Caste / right to be forgotten / forgiveness
  26. Individual vs. enterprise vs. society
  27. Lifecycle of identity / inheritance
  28. Identity mixer
  29. What's different with blockchain versus existing use cases in existing institutions
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